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Based in Jet Park, Johannesburg; Centromac Refrigeration is centrally situated to handle Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Company breakdown repairs in the whole of Gauteng.

We have a fully equipped workshop that can handle complete repairs on equipment. Clients from as far away as Cape Town forward shell and tube heat exchangersto our premises for repair. On site repairs have also been done as far away as Cape Town.

We own all required equipment to facilitate professional advice on condition of, or repairs to refrigeration and air conditioning plants. This includes ultrasonic thickness testers, vibration meters, hi-vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, refrigerant recovery units, “ice pots” for drying systems and removing air from low-pressure systems, as well as the “normal” tools required.

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Pride in all we do is a daily priority

Honesty in our work and a no-nonsense attitude to warrantee claims have forged us excellent working relationships with our clients.

Why Opt for Centromac Refrigeration?

Centromac Refrigeration prides itself on decades of service and manufacturing excellence. We have remained at the forefront of the refrigeration industry thanks to our impeccable levels of customer-service, as well as the unchallenged quality of our refrigeration products.
It is through our attention to detail and after-sales services that Centromac has become one of the strongest competitors in the industry, and we plan on growing to new heights as we move forward.

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If you would like to know more about our offers here at Centromac Refrigeration, be sure to get into contact with one of our representatives for further details and answers to your questions. We are waiting for your call.


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Air conditioning units

Building air conditioning systems

Computer/server room cooling

Chillers and industrial refrigeration

Heat pumps

Alfa Laval refrigeration heat exchangers – Authorized distributor in Gauteng

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Cell Number:082 802 0785

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Centromac Logo

Telephone Number:011 397 1024

Cell Number:082 802 0785

Email Address:johan@centromac.co.za

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