How to Tell if your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Replacing

How to Tell if your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Replacing

How to Tell if your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Replacing

In these summer months the pressure is on to ensure that your air conditioning units are doing their best to keep you, your family and your visitors cool and comfortable in the sweltering heat. And while they are generally built to last, the, like all other appliances, will eventually take damages from a number of sources, whether it be old-age, accidents or weathering. When this happens, don’t let your temper heat up alongside the room temperature, rather stay prepared in the event of a failure by keeping an eye out for these signs of failure.

The AC is too Warm or too Weak
A commonly experienced problem with air conditioners is that once they begin to give trouble, they produce cold air more effectively. When this situation gets dire enough, the unit will eventually only produce hot air. Since you purchased the unit to keep things cool, this should be enough of a reason to search for professional repairs or replacements; but if functionality and comfort aren’t enough for you, a warm AC during operations could point to far more serious problems with its integrity, particularly where the compressor is concerned.

There is Something Wrong with the Thermostat
The thermostat on your AC unit is responsible for maintaining optimal temperatures. Though when it stops working, it can have some negative effects on your AC. If may fun for too short a period of time before shutting off, not shut off at all, or worse, could refuse to power on since the thermostat instructs it as to how hard it should work to cool the room. So if yours is broken, it should be replaced or repaired by a professional immediately.

It is Making Too Much Noise
When it comes to mechanical and electrical appliances, any sounds that are out of the ordinary are generally an ill-omen. If for instance you should hear clunking, scraping or knocking, there is a good chance that some of the inner components are lose. Extended operation in this condition will likely lead to further damages, or could even render the AC unit dangerous to use. Other operational issues could come from contaminants in the vents, which if not handled immediately, will spread bacteria and allergens throughout your home.

You’re Getting Tired of Doing Repairs
If you find yourself doing repairs all too frequently (every few months or so), then perhaps it is time to stop feeding money to your chosen repair crew and actually invest in a new AC unit. It may seem like a hefty investment from the outset, but when you consider what you are spending on frequent repairs, and the cost to your power bills of running an ineffective machine; the new AC unit will quickly pay for itself.

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