Keeping it cool

Keeping it cool

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As we all know the preservation of our goods that we buy at the shops, is key. As not all foods and drinks have the same preservation period however we can definitely influence the time that these products survive. 

This is done through the everyday use of our modern kitchen appliance, the fridge. 

Through the use of a cooling system, we are able to keep our goods in a condition that allows them to survive until their expiry date catches up. However the expiry date of our refrigeration may catch up on us and thus resulting in repair. Fortunately, that can be done in Johannesburg and as far as Cape Town.

How it all works

When a refrigerator is plugged in, the system thus begins. The compressor tightens the refrigerators vapour which raises the pressure as this occurs it pushes this pressure into the coils. When the cool air meets the hot coils it becomes liquid. 

Through this process, cool air is created which allows the contents of the fridge to be cooled. 

Why you would need a repair

If the cool air had to access the hot coils of the heat exchanger it would cause the formation of ice thus causing the damage of the heat exchanger which causes the life of the fridge to end. Well temporarily, all you would need is one quick and easy repair that can be done at a refrigeration and air conditioning company.  

Something as simple as dirt can even cause ones fridge to give in. If a fridge had a fault in the cooling and heating water systems due to the design of the refrigerators when dirt enters in the systems. 

Through the use of long operation of the refrigerator this can result in the end of days for the fridge as the dirt halts the system.

Find your solution to repair and cooling systems here

 If you have found that your fridge has given in opt for a solution at Centromac Refrigeration. Contact them at 082 802 0785 or email at

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