Keeping Your HVAC Systems Working Efficiently

Keeping Your HVAC Systems Working Efficiently

Keeping Your HVAC Systems Working Efficiently

HVAC and air conditioning systems are integral in many homes and places of work, especially here in South Africa where temperatures often exceed comfortable levels during the summer time. Though with extended use and ageing, these appliances may start to give all kinds of trouble. They may operate too noisily or not at all, or could become ever more ineffective as time goes on. When this happens, it not only causes your units to consume more power, but can also lower the indoor air quality of your home, office or building. So, keep yours working as they should as time goes on by following these simple tips on keeping them in excellent working order.

Insulate your Building with Care
Insulation has a large part to play in the effectiveness of your HVAC systems and air conditioning units. This is because up to 80% of the facility’s heat will escape through the ceilings since hot air rises (making heating difficult in the cold months), while the baking sun and outside temperatures warm your property in the summer months. Insulation, which locks temperatures in indoor areas, will ensure that your systems don’t need to overcompensate to keep your living and working spaces temperate; effectively lessening your power expenses significantly.

Conduct Regular Indoor Air Quality Tests
As time goes on your HVAC and air-con units will get bogged down with dust and debris. As this happens, it will undermine the effectiveness of your unit while also lowering the quality of the air indoors, which may lead to ailments and allergies. So be sure to have a technician test the quality of your indoor air at regular intervals to ensure that your unit is working as it should.

Keep your Units Properly Maintained
Many of the components in your HVAC and air conditioning systems will take strain after extensive use, and will underperform as a result. This might put pressure on your other components or render your unit ineffective. Because of this, it is important to have your unit maintained annually at the very least, otherwise you may find yourself paying for expensive replacements.

Always use The Services of an Experienced Technician
Whenever servicing, maintaining or installing a new HVAC or air conditioner, it is important to source the skillset of experienced and trained technicians. All of these processes are fairly complicated and have little room for errors. So avoid additional expenses by making sure a professional does it right the first time.

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