Centromac is a leading supplier of various heat exchangers South Africa for facilities and industrial cooling and heating.

In addition to standard heat exchangers, we also offer installation, supply,maintenance , and repair services for coaxial and tube-in-tube heat exchangers.

Coaxial heat exchanger

Coaxial heat exchangers are tube heat exchangers usually applied as a condenser or evaporator in heat pumps, swimming pools, etc. Coaxial heat exchangers come in various structures, such as round, rectangular, spiral, double helix, and more.

Tube-in-tube heat exchanger

Tube-in-tube heat exchangers consist of tubes mounted inside an outer shell tube. This allows the product to flow through the inner tubes, and the service medium flows through the space between the outer tube and inner tubes.

Also known as double tube heat exchangers, these heat exchangers are designed specifically for heating or cooling products with low to medium viscosity.

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