Cooling & Heating Failure Analyses

We have been appointed to investigate various failures of equipment, varying from water damage in buildings to compressor failures to poor performance of cooling/heating systems. We have a practical approach looking at all the possibilities for failure. This includes manufacturer as well as “maintainer” and contractor.

Control failure with improper solution

This pipe fitting has failed due high temperature failure on a chill water pipe system. Due to the temperature controller not working properly the client closed the chill water valve on the supply side to a fan coil unit. The heater on the unit started but as there was no chill water by-pass to cool the water in the adjacent piping the fittings failed. The overheat stat was also of the incorrect rating and that exacerbated the problem.

Pump bearing failure

This pump failed due to running at a too low NPSH with the incorrect bearings.

Scroll compressor failure

This compressor failed due to a poor control regime. It cycled on and off too frequently leading to metal fatigue on the mounting points.

Scroll compressor system failure

This system failed due to a poor maintenance regime. The driers were not replaced to scavenge moisture and thus led to coppering in the system and ultimately the motor failed due to the acid in the system attacking the varnish in the windings.

Reciprocating compressor failure

This compressor failed due to improper liquid control and superheat settings on the suction side of the compressor. The liquid line solenoid valve did not operate as it should have and the incorrect expansion valve was fitted.

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