Technological Advances in Air Conditioning

Technological Advances in Air Conditioning

As it currently stands, technology is growing, improving and expanding at an astounding rate. Until recently, we haven’t had access to such advanced, intricate and exciting technologies that are forever improving and progressing. In order to keep up with today’s technological market, each product must be able to evolve and impress to new standards. This applies to a huge range of products from phones and computers to tills and kettles, cars and software to ovens and air conditioning. These advancements can be incredibly impressive and innovative but it’s always important to make them relatively simple and user friendly – particularly those products used by non-technicians such as you and me.

This article is going to talk about the surprising technological advances within the air conditioning industry and the benefits the competitiveness has had on the quality and variety of air conditioning products for us consumers.

Although the general discussion of air conditioning technologies doesn’t at first seem that enthralling, the air conditioning industry has in fact manufactured some incredibly complex and useful products that are guaranteed to grab the interest of even the most technologically apathetic amongst us. Here’s a list of some of the latest air conditioning technologies that we think are about either hit the big time or are the most exciting:

Money Saving It’s no secret nor surprise that people look for the most money efficient air conditioning units to have either in their homes or in their work space. These high efficiency systems are becoming some of the most popular air conditioning systems so the competition for producers and sellers is high. One example of these high efficiency air conditioning units is a gas VRF system which has high preliminary efficiency ratio with very low electrical consumption. These are particularly popular with complexes, large buildings or commercial buildings and hotels.

Retail Applications Retail application air conditioning units are designed specifically for return on investment. In a shop, comfort is key to keep customers staying longer and for coming back. Correct temperature is vital for a good customer experience which is why retail applications are designed to be able to execute the perfect temperature that is easily adjustable.

Pump-down System One issue that can occur with air condition units is break downs or leaks. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell when such incidents are going to happen so a recent technological development is the unit being able to detect refrigerant leaks and telling the user as soon as it happens. This makes the problem easy to find and thus to solve before it becomes too much of an issue. This is a great way to give assurance to the user as well as other building occupiers and the environment.

Energy Saving We as a nation have never been more aware of energy saving and the environment than we are now which is how the demand for more environmentally friendly and energy saving air conditioning units has come about. These systems have a different fan, fan motor, compressor and heat exchanger structure than usual systems which results in high COP value. They also use a highly efficient R410A refrigerant which reduces CO2 emission.

Anti-Allergy The use of recycled air can be problematic for some people with allergies. This has been identified as a real problem which is why new systems have been produced which use Nano-technology where fine particles purify the air in the room. These systems work by effectively getting rid of airborne and adhesive micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and mould.

Internet Control Internet control is a next generation system. These units are purposefully user friendly and mean that you can control your air conditioning unit from anywhere by using an Android or iOS smartphone, tablet, PC or anything else connecting to the internet.

These new and innovate technological advances in air conditioning are more user friendly, efficient and useful than ever before for either your home, business place or larger, commercial businesses. If you are looking to get your hands on new commercial or residential air conditioning, Centromac Refrigeration and Air conditioning Services specialises in great value, great quality an air-conditioning and refrigeration company offering installation, maintenance and repairs to all units, for all different types of situations and environments. At Centromac Refrigeration, we pride ourselves on the precision and professionalism we display when installing every aircon unit or system. We are now also proud to offer a unique solution to the corporate market by providing maintenance to all air-conditioning units on site. This extends the life expectancy and efficiency of the units and refrigeration systems.

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