The importance of heat exchanger maintenance

The importance of heat exchanger maintenance

Heat exchangers are at the core of various critical industrial systems, from powerplants to industrial and chemical plants. As a crucial component of heat management systems, organizations need to take heat exchanger maintenance seriously to prevent potentially deadly events resulting from fire and explosions. Proper and frequent cleaning is crucial to ensure your heat exchanger is functioning efficiently.

Heat exchangers work by transferring heat out to maintain temperature and pressure. However, a build-up of waste products like oil or dirt often prevents these systems from working effectively. Cleaning heat exchangers is a

Heat exchanger cleaning is an intricate, multi-step process that a qualified technician should carry out. Some of the tasks a heat exchange technician will perform include:

Various inspections

The technician will meticulously document the condition of the heat exchanger. The first inspection notes the state of the heat exchanger when the technician arrives. Its condition post-wipe-down and after-job inspections will be recorded to assist managers and maintenance staff in understanding their equipment’s condition. This in turn, will help them have an overall picture of their heat exchanger health and better predict when maintenance is required.

Tube cleaning and coating

Exchanger tubes are vital to all heat exchangers and must remain clean and suitably coated to ensure the efficient exchange of heat. Therefore, technicians will thoroughly clean and recoat all exchanger tubes with industry-certified techniques and materials as part of routine maintenance.

Other tasks

During routine maintenance of a heat-exchanger, the technician will remove the tube covers and clean them to ensure there are no breaks in containment seals. If necessary, the heat-exchange technician will repair or replace any parts.

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An experienced and qualified professional must frequently and thoroughly maintain the heat exchanger to ensure optimal safety for your staff and facilities.

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