The Invention of the Refrigerator

The Invention of the Refrigerator

Refrigerators have served a great and advantageous purpose for us since their invention. Refrigerators are helpful in that they keep food cold, and slow the growth of bacteria so that the food can last longer.

In 1755 was the first time we were introduced to the refrigerator, with its first functioning invention being made by William Cullen, a professor in Scotland. Before this, people simply used the tools that they had available to them, like ice, to regulate temperatures and to keep food fresh.

How does Refrigeration Work?

A thermostat is a mechanism in a refrigeration system that determines and senses the temperature of the refrigerator at any given point. It then also indicates to the compressor whether to switch on or off, depending on the identified temperature.

Refrigerators contain coolant gas which is used to absorb the heat of the surrounding items and air and cool it down. As the coolant absorbs the heat, it evaporates and forms into a gas. The air and items in the fridge are then allowed to cool down as the liquid coolant is turned into a vapour. For the evaporation to take place, and for the heat to be absorbed, it is controlled by a capillary tube which reduces the pressure within the refrigerator. 

With this, the compressor also works to assist in changing the coolant back from a vapour back into a liquid and does so by increasing the temperature as well as the pressure, to cause the process of condensation. As the air compresses, the temperature increases. The compressor is considered the heart of a refrigeration system and will pump to circulate the coolant around the refrigerator.

The condenser, situated at the back of the fridge, then cools the condensed coolant down and it becomes a liquid again. The liquid coolant then makes its way back to the evaporator again where the process will start again.

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