Troubleshooting heat exchangers problems

Troubleshooting heat exchangers problems

Heat exchangers are used in many processes and products, including air conditioning systems and radiators and sewage treatment plants, oil refineries, chemical factories, and other industrial facilities. Its primary purpose is to transfer heat from one medium to another. Because of its engagement in such heavy-duty applications, a heat exchanger may be subjected to corrosive or harmful substances.

As a result, frequent maintenance is required for the heat exchangers and the machinery to which they are linked. You will want to limit the need to fix heat exchangers as much as possible, but if you notice poor performance or damage to your equipment, it is better to contact specialists like Centromac for assistance. However, if you spot a faulty heat exchanger, there are several easy actions you may take while you wait for professional repair services.

Turn off the heat exchanger

Allowing the device to continue to operate while it is broken can compound the damage, resulting in subsequent disasters. If possible, unplug the heat exchanger from its power supply and allow it to cool.

Consult the user manual

This document will help you understand what typical performance should be like. Even if you are not doing most of the repair work on your own, having a basic grasp of the heat exchanger’s parts will be beneficial. It is possible that there is no problem with your heat exchanger and that there was merely an error in installation or operation. Going through the user handbook will assist you to differentiate the differences.

Conduct a visual assessment

Once you’ve gathered the necessary information from the user handbook, you’ll be able to run a fast visual check to see whether your heat exchanger is experiencing any surface issues. For example, you can inspect the device’s shut-off valves for any obstructions. Check the hot water levels, strainers, traps, solenoid coil settings, and thermostat settings as well.

Contact Centromac for details

Once you’ve identified any problems in your heat exchanger, an experienced and qualified professional can help you find and remedy any challenges.

If you would like to know more about our heat exchanger maintenance services or request a quote, get in touch with a representative from Centromac today. Alternatively, please continue browsing our website for additional information on our complete range of offers.

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