What is a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger?

What is a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger?

shell and tube heat exchanger is made up of a range of tubes that are housed within a cylinder. These tubes are called the tube nest or tube bundle. Each tube then passes through several baffles, where some are fixed and others are free-floating, to further assist in the heat exchange needed. Although requiring a higher surface area, shell and tube heat exchangers are very efficient with heat exchange.

How Does a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Work?

The fluid within the tube will be kept at high pressure, higher than the surrounding liquid. There are two main parts to the shell and tube heat exchanger, being the tube side and the shell side. Each side will contain its own liquid medium. Each liquid will enter the tube through its own section. The cooling process then begins as soon as the cool water enters in through the tubes, while the hotter substance is kept in the shell section. As the two fluids will not mix, this method of cooling is known as an indirect method.

Turbulent flow will be the mechanism of movement of the liquids through the shell and tube heat exchanger. This movement assists in preventing any build-up on the inside of the walls of the heat exchanger. The baffles are the aspects that create the turbulent flow between the liquids.

Advantages of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

The simple design of the shell and tube heat exchangers makes them easy to maintain, contributing to them being slightly more cost-effective than the use of other heat exchangers.

They are also suitable for higher temperatures and pressures than other heat exchangers. To assist in preventing leakage and mixing of the two chemicals or fluids, the tube walls can also be double walled. That being the case, the design of the shell and tube heat exchanger is such that leaks are easily able to be found and isolated.

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