What is a Tube and Fin Heat Exchanger?

What is a Tube and Fin Heat Exchanger?

The surface area of a particular space can have a substantial impact on the amount of heat that is transferred. Tube and Fin heat exchangers are specifically designed to assist with heat transferability.

Tube and fin heat exchanger is a tube that has extended fins protruding from it along the side of the tube, that increase the transferability of heat to the surrounding area or fluid. It can do this because of the additional space that the fins provide. 

For maximum thermal exchange, each fin must be properly affixed to the tube. Larger fins will also produce more conductivity. But with the larger fins will come a pressure drop and for the tube fin heat exchanger to work optimally, there must be a balance between the surface area and the pressure.

They are used in a variety of industries and are particularly useful for driers, air heaters, air conditioning, oil coolers, generator coolers, waste heat recovery, and diesel charge air coolers, etc.

Types of Tube and Fin Heat Exchangers

There are a wide variety of tube and fin heat exchangers with different designs, but the two main types found in industry are the longitudinal and transverse fins. 

Longitudinal fins are best suited in applications where the flow around the outside of the fins is flowing in a direction streamlined with the tube’s position. The fins will be positioned lengthways to the tube. The geometries of the fins can also be flat or tapered, depending on the heat needs for a particular application.

Transverse fins are specifically designed for turbulent gas flows and are designed as a hollow metal disk, or fin, and are spaced along the length of the tube. These tubes can also be of the tapered or flat variation.

There are also several specific designs of fins, such as the elfin fin, the bulleted fins, L finned tubes, LL fins, KL fins, Embedded G finned tubes, Extruded fins, and wire fin tubes.

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